The future of FinTech & Blockchain for good in underserved markets

By: Laura Fortey, Co-Founder & CMO of Reitium

The future of money is here and it’s disrupting what we’ve previously been accustomed to.

Technology and the internet have made the world a much smaller, more transparent place, where anyone with access to internet has the ability to run a business and earn money. Coupled with the ingenuity and ultimately the popularity of Bitcoin and Alt Coins, we now have a trailblazed landscape for the rest of us to catapult from. And companies are chomping at the bit to create a new future, not to mention utilizing the power of the blockchain.

With the insurgence of technology and mobile phones in developing nations – where now 41% of people have access to the internet – this shines a light on what’s possible for the future, where we can fill the gaps, but also what’s been lacking.

Louise Pentland, Paypal’s EVP, Chief of Business Affairs and Legal Officer, summarized in one sentence, stating that their newest focus is “The evolution and the opportunity of fintech, with the lens of the strategy of collaboration and empathy.” At PayPal, they are highly engaged and focused on democratizing financial services, enabling access to a digital economy. Afterall, in the connected 21st century that we’ve created, the digital economy should be afforded to all, not just the affluent or first world.

What we are witnessing now and saw prevalent at Asia Money2020 is placing top priority on servicing “the locals”, “the unbanked” and “The otherwise ignored.” With 2 billion people still living outside the financial system, we have a grand opportunity now: to offer access, allowing everyone to participate in the financial system, harnessing the power of this exciting opportunity that lies ahead. And blockchain technology is enabling this possibility at warp speed. In America alone, the financially underserved spend a whopping $170 billion just to manage their money. And as it turns out, many of life’s additional costs occur due to insufficient access to financial and digital systems.

Money2020 was proud to host companies who are constantly innovating to shift this old paradigm. From ID scanning, to alternative banking, to a plethora of mobile payments companies, the common theme was disruption in the digital age, with an undertone of giving the power back to the people.

What we uncovered at this event in Singapore has not only instilled hope, but presented solutions to help get money back into communities, rather than hemorrhaging unjust fees or costs associated with access to the financial system. The exciting news is we know we can do better and a multitude of companies are now committed to doing so.

Social impact was a hot topic, and for good reason. Understanding the socio-economic background, many companies harnessed the ability to cultivate the appropriate people to build diverse teams and successful products that are bound to create new habits within this shifting sector.

We joined the conference on behalf of our company, Reitium, where we believe everyone should have the right and ability to invest in real estate. Reitium is an Asset-Backed Global Real Estate Investment Token. Using our wallet, token and marketplace, users can crowd invest and share ownership in properties worldwide using smart contracts registered on the blockchain.  The security presented through our KYC and AML as well as providing great ROI (5-16%) makes Reitium an attractive option for every investor.

Our token is a stable coin that fluctuates with the market evaluation of the property and is 100% asset-backed. When we ban together collectively, the success we’re able to cultivate in underserved markets can be tied to the success of regulators, whose success is ultimately tied to generating economic growth of the region.

New technologies, in India for example, have enabled consumers and merchants access to each other, thus facilitating the trade of products and services. Asia Money2020 emphasized the need to seize these opportunities, presenting the exciting mission and vision for a truly democratized system which is inherent in the opportunities that can be created.

This is real growth. A true win-win for the world. Awarding possibility for the unbanked, the small business merchants,  and especially for the greater good of humanity. With freedom comes choice and the ability to create a world where we can all have equivalent access, thus bring forth shifts that our world is desperate for.

PayPal believes that looking at customers needs first is the solution for the future. Creating a “democratized digital economy” where everybody can win, awarding us all more opportunities, more time and more financial freedom through transacting in the global world, driving growth on a global scale.


Laura Fortey is the Co-Founder & CMO of Reitium – a digital marketplace where people can invest in real estate. For a more detailed explanation of what Reitium offers, please visit