Robeco Global FinTech Equities heeft het eerste bestaansjaar goed gepresteerd. Het sterke eerste jaar heeft geresulteerd in een outperformance van 10,49%. Lees hieronder het volledige Engelstalige persbericht:

Robeco Global FinTech Equities celebrates first year with outperformance

Robeco’s FinTech strategy* has seen strong performance in its first year of existence. The fund*, which was launched in November 2017, has seen solid performance in its first year, delivering 14,76%, gross of fees, compared to the return of 4,28% on the reference index (MSCI All Country World Index (Net Return)). This translates into an outperformance of 10,49%. Robeco was one of the first asset managers to launch an actively managed fund that invests only in listed fintech companies, and is available to wholesale/retail investors.

Robeco’s FinTech strategy has also attracted significant interest and clients entrusted the strategy with over EUR 671 million in assets in its first year. The strategy invests in listed stocks in developed and emerging countries across the world which truly and clearly benefit from the increasing digitization of the financial sector. The investment process is research-driven, and applies fundamental, sustainability and quantitative research.

Patrick Lemmens and Jeroen van Oerle, Portfolio Managers of Robeco Global FinTech Equities, said: “FinTech is a powerful growth trend, which will also be around ten years from now and beyond. We’re proud of the performance that we’ve been able to achieve for our clients, and we continue to see a couple of structural trends in the FinTech space with a lot of potential. For example, we believe that online payments will become mainstream around the world, FinTech will help to strongly improve financial inclusion and all companies that compete in financial services businesses will need to make serious investments in technology such as cybersecurity and core systems. We’re looking forward to taking advantage of these trends, to make sure that we keep adding value for our clients.”

* Robeco Global FinTech Equities D EUR, figures as at end of November